System Enclosures

Custom Enclosures for Measuring Equipment

Designed and built in the UK by metrology professionals that understand what is required when it comes to protecting metrology equipment.

Coordinate Measuring Machines that use air bearings or precision mechanical guide ways need to be kept clean and free from dust and abrasive contaminants, this is why our enclosures have a positive air pressure which is drawn in through a very effective filter system which can be cleaned and serviced easily.

The basic system consists of the following items:
  • Aluminium extruded frame, finished high quality grey anodise
  • Full height double opening doors allowing access to the CMM.
  • Removable side panels.
  • Access for C.M.M. controller cables
  • Mid section panels and doors 5mm clear Macrilon
  • Access door for service access to filters & regulator
  • Flat pack delivery in sub-assemblies
  • Interior lights & positive forced air environment.
  • Optional air conditioning
  • Optional PC cabinet
CMM Enclosures are versatile

Our CMM enclosures for regular Coordinate Measuring Machines or Vision and Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machines are completely configurable.

You may require access to your measuring environment from the front or the side, either way we can customise the enclosures to suite your requirements.

The PC monitor and work table can also be placed either side of the CMM enclosure, the preference is yours.

Removable Filters

The standard system helps to provide protection for your CMM in environments that are not so clean.

Removable filters allow you to maintain good air flow without the dirt and contamination

Generating Positive Air Pressure

In order to keep dust particles out of the CMM Enclosure, a positive air pressure is created by sucking in air through a filter system and allowing the positive pressure to then blow out of the doors or openings in the enclosure.


The keyboard and Monitor stand can be fitted to either the left hand or right hand side of the enclosure.