Gear Inspection Fixture Kits

Gear Inspection Fixtures for CMM's

It is not commonly known that Coordinate Measuring Machines are in many cases much more accurate, and more flexible when it comes to inspecting gears, not only are the Ultra High Accuracy CMM's capable of measuring Class 1 Gears, you can also pallet load multiple gear types at the same time.

With this in mind, we took great care in designing our fixture systems to accommodate not only standard gears, but also varying types of gears within the same fixture, we can also design and develop custom fixtures to suit your requirements.

Holding Plastic Gears for CMM Inspection

Using special types of tension clamps you can apply the correct pressure for holding plastic parts, without damaging your component.

Vee holding posts provide secure holding for round components.

Multiple Gear inspection

Multiple gears of the same type or varying types can be held in place on one fixture plate, or if you have larger gears the fixture plates can be fixed together using the supplied brackets.

Holding Gear Segments for Inspection

Holding gear segments so that maximum access to the gear is available for inspection on a Coordinate Measuring Machine