Subcontract Portable Inspection

We can also supply measurement solutions and contract inspection on the move.

If you have parts that are too large to send or you simply just don’t have the time then contact us today.

Using portable metrology equipment such as Portable Measuring Arms or Laser Tracker Systems, trained Applications Engineers can perform accurate, independent measurements at your facility - providing you with the results you need, when and where you need them.

If your parts are too large for a CMM, we have other alternatives such as Laser Tracker Systems equipped with the T-SCAN or T-PROBE.

These are a great solution for portable measurements and inspection.

Our software comes with many different reporting templates as well as the option to easily create your own custom reports.

Metrology has come a long way from digital callipers. Our precision centres are fully equipped with many different measuring tools. We also have partner companies and sites around the UK meaning that a solution is only ever a stones throw away.

The technology we offer includes high magnification vision systems, White Light sensors, Laser scanners, Portable Measuring Arms, and even large bridge CMMs all the very latest in the technology for the metrology sector.

With all of these different technologies at our disposal, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle.