CoreView Analysis

Software for offline calculation, analysis, and transformation of 3D optical measurement results

CoreView Analysis allows you to shift manual tasks to an offline station, for computation of dimensional data, post-measurement analysis of results, and reverse engineering.

Installed on a standalone PC, the CoreView Analysis metrology software is used to calculate optical measurement results and transform them into meaningful dimensional information which can be analysed and exported to CoreView Pro for multi-part analysis.

In addition, CoreView Analysis provides the necessary tools for conducting various detailed analysis studies on the measurement information, such as virtual assembly.

In some cases CoreView Analysis is used to support reverse engineering processes, intelligently transforming actual measurement information into commonly used 3D data formats.
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Calculate measured features and dimensions quickly and easily
Define measurable features, dimensions and tolerances, and view measurement results and predefined analysis.

Enhance part insights
Analyse mutual effects of matching and mating parts in high-quality digital assembly studies

Drive efficiency
Generate commonly-used outputs for integration with external systems; automatically generate STL and create outputs for reverse engineering processes; and front-load possible assembly-related issues and solve them ahead of time. 

Work offline
Free up your white light scanner systems and operate from the comfort of an office space away from production by installing CoreView Analysis on a separate desktop PC.