What is PC-DMIS?

Flexible metrology software to create and execute measurement routines then collaborate on the results

Supporting systems from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to portable measuring arms and laser trackers, PC-DMIS is a measurement software solution for metrology professionals and shop-floor operators alike. 

Trusted by thousands of business worldwide for their diverse measurement needs, PC-DMIS is the world’s leading metrology software. PC-DMIS enables you create measurement routines, execute them on the shop floor and collaborate to make decisions based on the results. 

Featuring highly-sophisticated measurement algorithms, PC-DMIS is the smart choice with industry-leading expertise and technical capability built-in. The powerful yet flexible PC-DMIS metrology software works with both Hexagon and third-party measurement systems, giving you a unified user experience across all your measurement operations, decreasing training costs and allowing better resource management. Plus, its modular design enables you to scale your installation as your metrology needs grow.

The flexibility of PC-DMIS extends to a variety of sensor technologies, from tactile probes through to laser, white-light and vision systems.

For metrology specialists creating measurement routines, PC-DMIS offers a complete suite of programming capabilities. The software provides a comprehensive geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) toolset, complying to the latest industry standards. Offline programming functionality allows routines to be created without occupying the CMM, and even before the physical part has been manufactured. 

CMM operators benefit from Inspect, a dedicated shop-floor user interface that simplifies the selection and execution of measurement routines and minimises the risk of user error impacting on results. For quality managers and operations managers, an extensive and fully-customisable reporting toolset helps you keep stakeholders around the business informed and lets you collaborate on the results. 

PC-DMIS is delivered as standard on all Hexagon CMMs, portable measuring arms, multisensor CMMs and laser trackers systems. Non-Hexagon CMMs can be switched to PC-DMIS via software upgrades or as part of a CMM retrofit. PC-DMIS is also available on a software maintenance agreement (SMA), offering you access to the latest versions of the software at every release as well as comprehensive technical support and much more.


Die Software PC-DMIS® von Wilcox Associates ist eines der führenden Programme in der Messtechnik. Sie wird global von Unternehmenunterschiedlichster Größenordnung eingesetzt, um Werkstücke jeglicher Formen, Größen und Toleranzen zu messen.

PC-DMIS Portable

PC-DMIS Portable bringt leistungsfähige Messtechnik-Werkzeuge in die Produktionshalle. Portable Messgeräte haben Herstellungsprozesse verändert. Nun ist es möglich, ausführlicher zu messen und die Ergebnisse raffinierter auszuwerten – und zwar genau dort, wo Teile hergestellt werden.

PC-DMIS Portable für Laser Tracker

PC-DMIS Portable für Laser Tracker ist ein Teil der PC-DMIS Softwaresuite - der führenden 3D-Inspektionssoftware mit mehr als 20.000 verkauften Lizenzen. Praktisch jeder...

PC-DMIS Vision

Mit PC-DMIS Vision können die herausragenden Funktionen der PC-DMIS Software jetzt auch in der optischen Messtechnik genutzt werden. Wilcox Associates hat schon vor...


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