Intelligent Machine Control

Hexagon’s Intelligent Machine Control solution automates production decisions based on process and quality data.

Hexagon's solution for Intelligent Machine Control uses statistical insight from measured machining data to automatically adjust machining toolpaths, countering the effects of machine tool variance for increasingly autonomous production processes.

Integrating hardware and software to create a closed-loop manufacturing cell, Intelligent Machine Control improves data use within manufacturing processes. By creating added value from the preparation, presentation and analysis of production data, it supports a digital manufacturing approach. The solution can integrate different types of machine tools and handles advanced measurement data including feature information. The result is greater stability of the machining process, higher process capability, less scrap and higher overall productivity.

The automatic delivery and correction of the tools reduces manual effort at the machines and increases additional overall capacity. The software reduces tool costs, minimises scrap and relieves the operators at the machine.
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  • Enables real-time automated feedback between measurement device and machine tool 
  • Analyses empirical statistical manufacturing process results 
  • Implements corrections to machine toolpaths over time to improve production quality 
  • Addresses normal conditions of repetitive manufacturing like tool wear and drift 
  • Creates an automated feedback loop from a measurement device to the machine tool 
  • Offers both calculation of tool compensation values and visualisation of tool behaviour 
Case Study: Booster Precision Components (Schwanewede) GmbH

Case Study: Booster Precision Components (Schwanewede) GmbH