HxGN SFx Asset Management Release 3.2

The SFx Asset Management version 3.2 is a minor release that contains a few new features as well as fixes for known issues. Read on for more details with the links below.

New Layout for Home Page
Brand-new tab layout for Assets and Routines Dashboard to make it easier for you to navigate between Assets and Routines.

Routines View Enhancements

  • Routine Detail View
    • Add the field ‘Ideal Execution Time’ into the Routine Detail View
    • Enable export Routine Run History records into a .csv file
    • Provide a date filter to specify Routine Run History records within a certain period
  • Routines Executed Table
    • Add ‘Ideal Execution Time’ into the table column in both Assets Dashboard and Asset Detail View
    • Introduce refresh mechanism to Routines Executed table in both Assets Dashboard and Asset Detail View
Additional Improvements
  • Add a tooltip to the flip side of an asset to indicate the cumulative time percentage of each operational status for an asset when hovering over the utilization chart
  • Add a help icon to the OEE pane to assist in comprehending each metric referred in the OEE charts
  • Add a Refresh button in the Utilization charts
  • Replace the Reset icon to make it more intuitive