What’s new in REcreate?

Explore the latest features in your version of REcreate.

REcreate 2022.1

Several new enhancements have been made in 2022.1 version of REcreate. Following are some of the major ones to highlight which help users to improve overall productivity.

REcreate 2022.0 R2

See what’s new in REcreate 2022.0 R2, including new commands to automatically recognise features on meshes, enhanced functionality in the Sweep and Extend commands, and improved selection techniques and faster editing capabilities as well as overall performance improvements.

REcreate 2022.0

Explore the key features of REcreate 2022.0 including a new function to automatically create freeform solid or surface models from meshes, more control in the optimisation function, a new and easy way to align challenging datasets, and a new command to convert a mesh model into a randomised point cloud.