Sehen Sie sich die Lehrvideos an, die Sie durch die grundlegenden Software-Interaktionen und -Funktionen führen.

Getting Started

A brief overview detailing how to connect to a portable metrology instrument, measure features, create an alignment, draw dimensions on your part, and finally create a...

Feature Properties

An overview of feature properties and basic functionality within Inspire, a portable metrology software. This video walks you through the various settings that are...

Basic Scanning

An introduction to basic scanning tools within Inspire, a portable metrology software. This video walks you through scanning a part, a few basic analysis techniques, and...

Adding a Relationship Alignment

Performing a relationship alignment using inspected features and their nominal constructions with Inspire, a...

Tracker Drive Parameters

This video explains and demonstrates the tracker drive parameters within Inspire. More specifically, the Find Target and Wait for target functions while performing...

ATS600 Area Scanning

The following video will show you how to create an Area Scan Region, modify the point distance, update the estimated time scan, and confirm your settings with the ATS600.

ATS600 Perimeter Scanning

After you have an alignment to the CAD model, the following video will show you how to add a perimeter region to your CAD model and scan it with the ATS600.

Basic Python Scripting

As you begin your journey within basic Python scripting, this video will go through how to record commands, add them to a script and automate your inspection process. If you need additional help with Python, click the link below to learn some basics.

Creating an Actions Playlist

In this video, we will walk through creating a basic inspection program and then add some tips and tricks that you may encounter in your inspection process.

Extracting Cloud Features

When you complete a scan of the point cloud data, this video will guide you through the different options you can execute to extracting cloud features in a breeze.

How to Export Features to CAD

Sometimes you want to export some features and import them into REcreate to perform some reverse engineering and this will video will show you how to perform those tasks like a champ.

Jumping the Instrument: Laser Trackers

If you are inspecting a part where your Laser Tracker cannot see all the objects, this video will provide some helpful tips and tricks to jump your instrument (leapfrog) to a new location and verify it with a watch window.

Jumping the Instrument: Portable Arms

In this video we are going to show you how to move your instrument or flip your part and realign back into the part.

Projection Plane Basics

In this video, we will show you how to activate or deactivate any measured plane and measure it from the instrument. 

Smart Feature Basics

In this video, we will show you how Smart Feature geometry type works and provide you with some tips and tricks in case you didn’t get the feature you needed.