SWIFT-CHECK interim testing artefact

Gain confidence in your measurement results

Hexagon coordinate measuring machines perform at the leading edge of dimensional measurement technologies. Throughput and accuracy are determined by the sum of every part, including sensors, probe heads, styli. This can make it hard to estimate whether a system is running as smoothly as it should. Therefore, Hexagon recommends checking the performance of a coordinate measuring machine regularly, in order to avoid issues downstream and maintain consistent levels of productivity.

The Hexagon SWIFT-CHECK artefact gives operators confidence in the reliability of their measurements by performing quick and simple checks and delivering clear and easy results. The artefact is equipped with a calibrated ring gauge, length bar and sphere that encompasses all the directions and geometries needed to check performance. The artefact can be used on small and medium-sized CMMs from Hexagon.

SWIFT-CHECK comes with its own measurement routines for PC-DMIS and QUINDOS software, making it easy to use. It gives operators the assurance they need to confidently perform daily measurements with indexing probe heads equipped with touch trigger or tactile scanning sensors.
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Fast checks of machine performance
Gain confidence in measurements by ensuring that everything always runs smoothly with quick and easy regular performance checks. Be proactive and give your business, customers and auditors full confidence in consistent metrology performance.

Easy to use software 
Perform individual checks or the complete routine with just a couple of clicks. Choose between length bar checks, ring gauge checks, a sphere test or a wrist (probe head) check. 

Prevent costly performance drops 
Ensure your equipment is optimised between its scheduled ISO Service and Calibration interventions. Be proactive and avoid the risk of a potentially high-cost downstream issue in production or assembly by capturing unseen system measurement inaccuracy errors early.
Size  350 x 400 x 195 mm
 Run time  Length bar checks: ~ 20 mins

 Ring gauge checks: ~ 5 mins
 Sphere test: ~ 5 mins
 Wrist test: ~ 10 mins

 Content   Artefacts
  • 300 mm length bar
  • 25 mm sphere
  • 25 mm ring gauge

 Flight case
 Styli and adapters

 Calibration certificates
 User guide

 Software compatibility  QUINDOS (Q7R18351 onwards)

 PC-DMIS (V2016 onwards)

 Machine compatibility  GLOBAL S
 SF 4.5
 SF 7.10.7