Explore the key features of DESIGNER 2022.0

Command Pre-sets

Save any number of pre-set values in commands. This improves efficiency when working with different sets of values as it is now possible to quickly switch between numerous saved pre-sets.

Repeat on Element

This new function provides the ability to cleverly place elements along an edge or curve. This enhancement makes it quick and easy to create designs with repetitive 3D features.

Macros & Automation

The usability of macros for automation has been improved: Improved feedback when a macro errors; the ability to create custom commands which can interrupt the automatic execution of a macro to display a dialog to ask for user inputs.

Surfaces - Large Offset

It is now possible to create single approximated surface offsets from solid or surface models. This is useful when offsets are too large, or parts too complex for precise offset calculations. These surfaces can be used for machining or creating cast models which will require finish machining.

Surfaces – Bend Relief

It is now possible to reduce, remove and modify large, complex bends in order to compensate for pressed part defects.

Surfaces – Cavity & Core

It is now possible to split parts into their cavity and core components to prepare a part for machining.

Surfaces - Parting & Split plane

It is now possible to create tangent parting and horizontal split surfaces from a surface model. This function enables the creation of complex run-off surfaces in a single operation.

Surfaces – Lofted Enhancements

Improvements have been made to the Auto-constrained command for creating lofted surfaces from sections. Validate, repoint, and remove sharp corners during the creation of surfaces to ensure quality results.

REcreate – One-Click Surface

This new function automatically creates freeform solid or surface models from meshes.

REcreate – Bridge Gaps

Enhancements to the fill mesh gaps command enable tangential bridging of large or open holes. This function makes it quick and easy to accurately fill large holes or gaps in mesh models which is a key part of the reverse engineering process.

REcreate – Align by Points

The enhancements to the align command include: The addition of linking and unlinking views, improved selection and removal of pairs of points. This improved function makes it easier than ever to align challenging datasets.

REcreate – Mesh to Cloud

This new command converts a mesh model into a randomised point cloud. This function proves invaluable when provided with poor quality mesh data. Rather than start the laborious process of fixing all the problems, regenerate a cloud and create a new mesh in DESIGNER, this will alleviate any issues and remove the need for manual fixing.

Electrode Design – Process Direction

The enhanced Define electrode command can define custom process directions during electrode creation. This speeds up electrode creation, reducing subsequent, manual steps. The new method is now more intuitive as it requires fewer user inputs and is more automatic.

Sheet Metal - Material & Bending Data

DESIGNER now features a comprehensive database for materials and bending data, hosted on our cloud platform SFx.

Sheet Metal – Bends & Corners

DESIGNER for sheet metal makes dealing with corners and bends flexible and fast.

Sheet Metal – 2D Drawing

In the new version of DESIGNER, the 2D drawing can now contain the details of the bends on the parts.