For the first time in history, you as a manufacturer can harness data's full potential to make manufacturing smart. Smart enough to grab every opportunity and innovative idea to increase your product's efficiency,  quality, safety while increasing productivity and saving costs. To put it simply, how are you achieving more with less now and, more importantly, will you do so in the future? Our team in Singapore, other Asia offices plays a crucial role in helping you achieve more.  

Hexagon's Smart manufacturing empowers intelligent digital manufacturing ecosystems that leverage the flood of data from connected operations and systems to learn and adapt to changing conditions. It removes common problems like data silos, data gaps, data wastage and enables feedback loops to drive continuous improvement & process optimization. The result is a more efficient and agile approach to manufacturing, less downtime, and a greater ability to predict and adjust to changes. These changes help you trigger inclusive innovations, whether within the facility, in the supply chain, or fluctuating customer demand – all the while promising a more sustainable future for your manufacturing.

The Hexagon Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centre is a dedicated facility to enable interaction and opportunity allowing deeper learning and knowledge transfer through curated sessions & hands-on demonstration.

Hexagon Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centre Singapore Opening Launch

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Mr Sea Chia Hui
Country Manager,
Singapore Manufacturing Intelligence Division

Address: Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
8 Admiralty Street,
# 05-15 Admirax
757438 Singapore