Leica Absolute Tracker Red Tag Event: make large volume measurement faster and more accurate

Get 30% off a certified pre-owned AT960 laser tracker

Get the ultimate in high speed, accuracy, and portable laser tracker inspection.

Measuring up to 1000 points per second and weighing just 14 kg, the AT960 laser tracker enables you to easily take fast and precise measurement wherever you need it.

AT960 takes the work out of large volume inspection. Unpack and power up in minutes. There’s no need for a home point – the Absolute Interferometer ensures accurate measurement to a moving target. Plus, interrupted beams are instantly and automatically re-established with the PowerLock feature.

The AT960 means minimum intervention for maximum performance.

Now for a limited time, you can get the AT960 along with a Leica T-Probe for 30% off.

That means six degrees of freedom measurement with the AT960, plus the increased flexibility of the Leica T-Probe, Hexagon’s “walk-around” wireless device for hard-to-reach points.

This Red Tag event is exclusive to orders in the USA and Canada. Quantities are limited, so order your AT960 and Leica T-Probe by 25 December 2020 to take advantage of this discount. 

Want to get a dynamic laser scanning as part of your bundle? Speak to our team to save up to 40% on an AT960, a T-Probe and T-Scan laser scanner.