WorkPLAN Solutions First Time at Eurobois Trade Fair - 2

16. Februar 2018
WorkPLAN, the ERP and Production Management solution from Vero Software, will feature for the first time at the Eurobois Trade Fair at Eurexpo in Lyons, highlighting its wide range of functions which are dedicated to the carpentry, woodworking and fittings sectors.

Eurobois has been the woodworking industry's benchmark exhibition in France for over 30 years and takes on an international dimension in 2018, with over 35% of exhibitors from 15 different countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium. It covers five sectors, including supplies for the furniture and interior fittings industry allowing visitors to discover the most innovative and efficient solutions for all their needs.

From February 6 - 9, on Stand 6G10, WorkPLAN Solutions will present developments featured in its 2018 R1 release, dedicated to the woodworking industry. The interface with Cabinet Vision, a CAD/CAM solution from Vero Software which has been active in this market for over 20 years, offers workshop management from the design phase through to project completion. Users are able to import projects into Cabinet Vision at the design stage, synchronize component libraries, load estimated times and material requirements via Bid Center, recover optimization/nesting programs via CV-S2M or from Alphacam – another woodworking software from Vero, and manage production times with automatic distribution. 

WorkPLAN Product Manager Christophe Mas says: "The seamless integration of the two software applications will allow users to improve their productivity by optimizing, project job tracking, supply management, stock control, and production monitoring." 

Making inroads into this new market has also allowed the development of new functions in WorkPLAN 2018 R1 such as the introduction of the Packing Management module offering tight control over shipments and rapid data exchange between different departments while minimizing the need for paperwork.

Christophe Mas explains: “The touch tablet allows barcode scanning and real-time data entry and recording of packing data. It will now be possible to make up the packages, edit packing lists and/or labels showing several items of information including weight, dimensions, and departure date, and to track the progression of each shipment, from package preparation to loading."

WorkPLAN Solutions along with Cabinet Vision resellers in France, and Systell, the Alphacam reseller, on Stand 6G10 from February 6 - 9, 2018.
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