Podcast: Maximizing Efficiency for the Aerospace Industry

by Steve Starner on October 24, 2018 From Industry Focus, Thought Leader

The average aircraft can be constructed from over 100 000 individual parts and they all need to be manufactured to very specific tolerances. This requires not only incredible data-driven systems to make and distribute these parts, but there’s a requisite need to maximize efficiency of the processes.

In this podcast, we discuss how efficiency has become critical in the industry as margins tighten, a simpler way for companies to implement robotics on their lines, how new materials are changing the manufacturing process, and how the ever-shrinking supply of highly-skilled technicians in the industry is driving the development of automation.


Steve Starner

Steve Starner has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has worked in the metrology field for more than 20 years, primarily in sales and sales management roles, and is currently the Director of Business Development for Aerospace at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. In his current role, Starner is working with many of the world’s largest aerospace companies to strengthen strategic relationships, and to ensure that Hexagon’s future technologies align with the needs of this critical industry.