Ted Coppa

Production Manager | Rhode Island | NAFTA

My career before joining Hexagon is long and varied. I started working on ships and travelling the world with the Merchant Marines followed by later serving my country as an officer with the US Army. When I completed my service obligation, I moved back home and started working in a machine shop as a purchasing manager. I quickly moved through different positions and continued to excel, eventually promoted to Operations Manager – But something was missing. I yearned for camaraderie and to form a bond with my colleagues. Enter Hexagon.

I was already aware of the Hexagon business structure before applying to join the company and found myself wanting to be a part of the collaborative environment they’re well known for. An opportunity arose to join the team, I applied and immediately knew it was the perfect fit. This was the environment I was hoping for.

I joined Hexagon in July 2018 as Production Manager, responsible for the Machine Shop, Calibration Room, Assembly Floor and Electrical Departments. It is a varied role, with plenty to keep me busy. I find that on an average day I can walk between 4-5 miles on the factory floor, dispersed with coordination meetings, communicating with COS, sales and shipping teams and liaising with the people within my teams to identify any successes, problems or concerns they may have. The majority of my role is facilitating the techs who are actually building the machines to ensure they have all the resources required to successfully fulfil their daily duties.

The best way I can describe the Hexagon culture is family. Everyone is welcoming and there is a sense of community that helps to bring all departments together. Some of the people I work with on a daily basis have been with the company for over 35 years, and are really skilled in what they do, with extensive knowledge in their field. When I first joined my knowledge in the sector was limited, and I found during the early months of my time with Hexagon I encountered a huge learning curve that initially was a challenge. My colleagues were by my side to help me learn the language and skills required to succeed. Working alongside great people who are willing to accept you and improve your knowledge along the way makes all the difference.

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