Nathan Holland

Technical Support Engineer | UK | EMEA

I joined Hexagon as an intern in August 2018 as part of Production Software, focusing on CAD/CAM software. My internship is scheduled to last one year but I am hoping to continue working with the company once my contract is complete.

Since studying my A-levels, I enrolled as an apprentice with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry. The founders of MTC saw a significant gap between academia and industry and created the MTC in a bid to bridge the two together. My apprenticeship is a three-year course, the final year being spent getting experience working in industry, which is where Hexagon comes in.

As a member, Hexagon supplies a range of technology to MTC to assist with their training aspirations. Apprentices are trained on this equipment as part of their placement and are introduced to a range of methodologies while exploring new and exciting technologies. I attended a presentation by Steve Sivitter, CEO Production Software, and decided shortly after to apply for a role at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

My day to day role consists of a fairly strict training plan, where I study multiple software solutions, including Alphacam, Edgecam, VISI, Radan, Cabinet Vision, Javelin and Workplan, ensuring I am trained to an advanced level ahead of getting site experience. My training plan will then shift to my two preferred technologies, which I will complete further training on, ahead of choosing a single software to specialise in before my year is up. The amount of training I am completing can sometimes seem quite daunting, but I love using the software each day and continue to gain confidence in what I am doing. 

Everyone I have encountered at Hexagon has been friendly and welcoming. I know if I have any questions or if there is something I am stuck on, I can ask anyone around me and they will be happy to offer assistance. There is always something for me to do, and I never find myself getting bored. 

When I come to finish my internship in August, I will be doing so with more experience than I had bargained for. Not only am I well trained in Production software, but also in supporting business areas such as sales and CSR. I also have a far greater knowledge of how an international company operates which I had no experience of before. 

My advice to anyone tempted to complete an internship with Hexagon? Do it. If software in production is your interest, you’ll be coming straight to the source. But be ready to focus and work hard when you’re here – there’s a lot to learn, but the opportunities available to you once you become a master of your craft will set you up for the future.