Melanie Spindler

HR Business Partner | Design and Engineering business unit | Germany | EMEA

Due to COVID-19, I found myself released from my former employment with a large hotel chain that was affected very heavily by the pandemic along with the rest of the industry. I saw the opportunity to become a HR Business Partner at Hexagon advertised on LinkedIn and jumped at the chance. I am responsible for around 200 employees, working within our MSC Software, Simufact engineering and VIRES simulations technology companies. 

I have a detailed career history working within HR roles in various industries and segments, but realised quickly that not all industries come with a good work-life balance, something I sought after. My work has taken me all over the world, living in many exciting locations, I have also completed a degree in my spare time around work commitments which is helping me to excel further in my current role. 

One thing I enjoy about working at Hexagon is that we are a company built from many different cultures, we have offices all over the world and we keep on growing. The One Hexagon spirit is “contagious” and the team spirit is second to none.

My role covers the entire employee lifecycle, from the start of their career through to the end. I take care of all employee related matters including training and development, payroll, data and system management. I regularly work on HR projects such as development of new policies and procedures, work council agreements and pension projects. I would classify myself as a people person, I like engaging with people and finding ways to improve their experiences, be that employees or managers. I don’t enjoy number crunching and reporting but understand this all goes hand in hand with taking care of the valued colleagues I get to work with each day. 

I love to travel in my spare time, so much so that my husband and I no longer gift each other Christmas presents, instead we take it in turns to book a short break to a European city we haven’t seen before. Working in an international company like Hexagon only feeds my desire to see the world. I regularly speak with colleagues in different countries and nations and hope to have the opportunity to travel to other locations too. Recently, we developed a mobility policy which opens up our internal recruitment opportunities to the world, giving employees the option to relocate to fulfill a different role within the company if they’re interested. 

We spend so much of our lives in work, it needs to be something we enjoy. Through working in HR I have found my passion in my professional life, I hope you too find yours!  

Be a part of a company that believes in work-life balance and opening the world up to it’s employees. Be part of Hexagon.