Jason Walker

Business Development Senior Manager | Metrology and Production Software Business Unit | UK | EMEA

I joined Hexagon in 2015 as an International Account Manager, working primarily with the indirect sales channels. My responsibilities grew to include business development of more of the Production Software portfolio and wider business functions. I moved into my current role as Business Development Senior Manager for the Metrology and Production

Software business unit, in January 2021 and now focus on commercial support for the company’s metrology software, production software and statistical analysis products, working with direct and indirect sales teams worldwide to help them achieve goals, drive growth and increase market share.

Prior to joining Hexagon I accrued over ten years of experience in the discrete manufacturing industry, directing a company in South Africa which supplied global manufacturing machinery brands, from conventional mills and lathes to CNC multi-purpose production machines, to the diverse manufacturing industries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Having studied

Electronic Engineering and Business Management, and with experience in global supply chain management and manufacturing process delivery, across a range of materials and industries, I am passionate about market-oriented business development, using commercial strategy, networking and clear process definition to expand and promote Hexagon's portfolio throughout the global market.

Hexagon is unlike any organisation I have worked for before, with its compelling mission of driving autonomy, productivity and sustainability through technology and integrated solutions, there are always exciting projects going on and it’s especially rewarding to see the real-world impact these have. As an employer, Hexagon has an open culture and provides autonomy and empowerment with support to constantly upskill yourself, nurturing opportunities for both personal and professional progression.

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