Florence Torcy

Florence Torcy | Head of Operations, Renens | Switzerland | EMEA

At Hexagon I really found the most beautiful playground I could ever have dreamt of. I worked in the automotive, aerospace and medical device industry for 17 years before making the move to Hexagon in 2018. My career started at Renault-Nissan, a large company with a global footprint. In my previous roles, I loved the culture and the variation working for an international company brings. When I saw the position available at Hexagon, I knew it would be the perfect fit. Everything I enjoyed about my previous roles on a larger, more exciting scale. 

I’m responsible for production and logistics of sensor heads for CMMs, instruments of Measure (the TESA Brand) along with the production of sub-components of these devices and heads. The production site of Renens is very vertically integrated. On site, we have Turning, Milling and Grinding Machines, and we have painting and electroplating facilities, something that’s quite rare in the industry but highlights the complexity of our products. 

Hexagon is a forward-thinking company that looks for new ways to develop products for an industry that really solve customer’s needs, it’s something I really enjoy being a part of. 
I was inspired to join Hexagon thanks to many factors. One of the key reasons was my strong interest in the products. I have been using Hexagon products and instruments of measure since the beginning of my career, being a part of where they were produced was very exciting to me. I also saw the enormous potential of our facility of Renens that includes highly diverse roles and technical assembly areas that are industry leading.  

Above all else, I really found a perfect fit within the company’s culture. Industry can sometimes be pictured as rough for women. Manufacturing and technical companies are often very heavily male dominated and breaking into a company culture in an executive role can often be a challenging experience, but not here. The management team actively try to empower women in the workplace and saw my joining the company as a huge asset. The company is very diverse, with people from all different backgrounds and origins. The technical resources at Hexagon are second to none, but the human assets are just as special. In my short time here, I have already seen how committed employees are to the company, with many staying for 20+ years. Their passion and enthusiasm motivate me each day. 

Progression and employee development are very important to Hexagon. Within my team, I have seen colleagues start as apprentices, navigate their way through the company with step by step training and support that has empowered them to now be responsible of a production department. 

No two days look the same, there is no chance of becoming bored in this role. My main responsibility is giving a vision to my teams, showing the path we will follow for the years to come in a highly turbulent world. I also try to give stability to my team, making each day smooth and problem free, while managing changes and challenges as they come up. Production must continue, orders must be fulfilled and deliveries to customers must happen as planned, wherever they are in the world. Challenges can’t always be predicted in the general industrial world, let alone the world as it is today following the COVID-19 pandemic, but all these unexpected challenges must be overcome at speed, something I wouldn’t be able to do without the support of my team. Working together in a creative and agile way to overcome these issues is what makes us successful in the eyes of our customers – they get their high-quality product when requested regardless of any outside complications. 

Paris was where I was born and raised. It’s where I studied and learned about engineering, before continuing my studies in Berlin. Living in the city centre can sometimes isolate you from economic and social realities, shielding you from the profound transformation of the world. This feeling led me to a life working on production sites in industry, giving me a fantastic window to witness and activate transformation.

Be a part of forward-thinking company where no two days are the same. Be part of Hexagon.