Enrica Malgaroli

HR Business Partner | Italy | EMEA

I first came across Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence when I was finishing up my masters degree in organisational psychology at Turin university.  I very much wanted to start my career in Human Resources (HR) at an open, dynamic, fast-growing company where I’d be able to express ideas and make a real contribution.

I didn’t know much about metrology at the time, but it quickly became clear during interviews that Hexagon values giving young people opportunities to learn, prove themselves and grow their careers which certainly turned out to be the case for me. I joined Hexagon as a HR Assistant in Turin in 2013 and within just eight months I moved to Zurich, Switzerland to take up a new role with greater responsibility. 

Now I’m back in Turin where I manage of all aspects of Hexagon’s HR for its operations in Italy. My day-to-day work covers everything from recruitment, talent management, training and development, through to compensation, budgeting, reporting, engagement and industrial relations. I also implement organisational improvement projects; all of which means there’s never a dull moment.

I love interacting with a range of characters and personalities and my role certainly doesn’t disappoint. The emotional factor of my role can often be a challenge, but it’s one you come to expect in such a people-focused role and one I have learnt to deal with through my years of experience. I always keep a level head and think of what’s best for both the individual and the company, as both go hand in hand.

As a HR Business Partner, it’s extremely satisfying to know you work for a business that takes internal mobility seriously. One of the reasons people stay with Hexagon a long time is that it’s just the right size to give everyone responsibility and a chance to make decisions. And because we’re fast-moving, it is an ideal environment for anyone who wants to play an active role in change or innovation.

Although career advancement is important, the best thing about working for Hexagon is the people. Wherever you go in the company you’re surrounded by supportive colleagues who help you make a success of what you set out to do. I’ve been blessed with a great team and great colleagues and they’ve been key to making my work as enjoyable as it is. 

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