Smart wireless manufacturing with Ericsson

Ericsson is partnering with Hexagon to make manufacturing smarter with the fast capture, transfer and use of data.

Ericsson is a global leader in cellular communication (4G LTE/5G NR) offering dedicated cellular communication solutions for industries. The private LTE network provide wireless communication to factories, process plants or other industry applications that require reliable and robust high capacity wireless networks.

Smarter manufacturing depends on having rapid, automatic access to accurate data that can inform decisions to improve design and engineering, production and inspection. 
Today, fixed networks dominate in factories. A wired connectivity foundation will restrict data flow for the manufacturing industry and limit the potential of smarter manufacturing.

Hexagon is working with Ericsson to ensure manufacturers will be able to use 5G networks to securely capture and communicate key data from machines and software systems across the business in real-time to a create smarter manufacturing ecosystem.

In 2019, Hexagon and Ericsson successfully demonstrated the potential of the 5G connected factory by operating Hexagon’s Absolute Arm measurement solution with the Ericsson Industry Connect private cellular network. The two companies are also working together to install ultra-high-speed networks at Hexagon solution centres, while Ericsson is also part of Hexagon’s advisory board for industrial connectivity.

“Wireless connectivity can unlock the full potential of industrial automation and digitalisation, enabling real-time, data-driven decisions at scale. Hexagon’s solutions cover all phases of design, engineering, production and metrology, and by combining those with cellular technology, numerous use cases may be deployed to increase flexibility, reduce costs and realise Industry 4.0.”David Filipsson, Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Ericsson Dedicated Networks

Video: Building intelligent connected ecosystems with 5G

Watch how Hexagon and Ericsson collaborated with Scania to enable 5G-connected data capture for in-production quality control.