HxGN SFx | Asset Management

HxGN SFx | Asset Management provides an intuitively easy way to access key machine performance data

Factory asset management based on real-time data is an essential part of every smart manufacturing strategy. But successful asset management depends on having access to actionable insights in a format that is easy to access and use.

HxGN SFx | Asset Management delivers a simple, accurate way to monitor and analyse how key assets are performing via a centralised, user-friendly dashboard, whether assets are on a single site or in multiple factories around the world. Users can also access their asset performance data on the go with the SFx Asset mobile app.

Leverage accurate data in pursuit of operational excellence
SFx Asset Management lets operators and managers keep a close check on machinery running unattended by providing real-time customisable notifications of the performance and status of metrology assets including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and laser trackers. The system enables you to remotely monitor routine execution status. Data aggregated by SFx Asset Management can also be used to pre-emptively schedule maintenance and identify sources of downtime.

With HxGN SFx | Asset Management it is also possible to quickly identify which site has spare capacity and gain insight into how systems are used. And because SFx Asset Management is web-based, information can be accessed anywhere from a PC, smartphone or tablet.
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Keeping it simple 

Easy setup 
User-friendly software and simple instructions make it easy to connect equipment and get started with remote monitoring from anywhere in minutes, without lengthy service engagements or complicated project management. 

Hosted and secured 
Because the service is web-based there is no need to install equipment or perform complicated application updates. All you have to do is set up your online account. Inbuilt security features mean your data is protected in the one of the world’s soundest industrial cloud environments. 

Dashboard view 
Easy-to-understand colour codes, simple graphics, and on-screen explanations mean there is no need to grab a spiral-bound manual in a drawer. The configurable dashboard makes it easy to see what is happening with your equipment right now and how its status has changed over time. 

Simple pricing 
There is only one low annual price per asset to pay. The company account and individual user accounts come at no extra cost, removing complexity for transparent, predictable pricing. 

Single data source 
Tap into a consistent source of real-time or historical data using a single user-friendly interface. 

Keeping it real-time
Real-time asset status  
A modern, simple to navigate dashboard shows your asset’s operational and health status in real-time. 

Real-time notifications 
Significantly reduce machine down-time by having all the information you need to prevent outages. Receive instant notifications captured from multiple data sources, including the controller, metrology software and environmental sensors. 

Real-time dimensional data 
Simplify quality decision making with access to a measurement data dashboard; dimensional data notifications that reflect your specific needs; and a historical log of measurement data.