Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)

Receive the latest software updates and ensure system performance with a software maintenance contract

Up-to-date metrology software is essential for stability and improvement in your quality process. It ensures equipment runs seamlessly at the required speeds to meet your objectives. It enables your machine and organisation to adapt to the ever-evolving worlds of technology and manufacturing. On the other hand, out-of-date software can slow down operations, preventing your measuring systems from enabling your business to fulfil its potential. 

A software update may include changes to ensure hardware compatibility, enhanced user experience, additional new features, or the latest versions of standards to ensure users meet compliance requirements. 

A contract guaranteeing regular software maintenance and updates is a cost-effective way to the sustain the value of your software and measuring machine investments by providing access to software updates and technical support. 

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s software maintenance agreement (SMA) offers greater stability and machine performance by ensuring you have the latest software. It also enables you to save time and maximise efficiency with a dedicated customer representative who will handle all your queries. The contract helps you create a continuous learning approach to employee development by including access to the latest software information and training opportunities available. Telephone or remote support is also included in the agreement so that any problems or queries are quickly solved by Hexagon’s expert software technical support.

We offer maintenance contracts for all our major software packages including PC-DMIS, QUINDOS, and more. Our software and services are of the highest quality to assure you of the reliability and robustness of your updates. Furthermore, your SMA includes a complete aftercare service and warranty updates to give you confidence and protect your software.

Your SMA package includes:
  • Access to software updates
  • Preferential technical assistance
  • Free trials of any other Hexagon software
  • Free remote support for software installation and configuration
  • Training seminars for your new software
  • Discounts for additional classroom and online training courses

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