Compact White Light Measurement System

Flashes occur everywhere: The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS qFLASH is a non-contact multi-talent which rapidly carries out 3D measurements, creates reports and digitizes right on the spot. Lightweight, easy to handle and robust. It is designed for use on a tripod and in handheld mode, for ultra-portable measurements on the part or direct root cause analysis.

WLS qFLASH is an affordable solution for:
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Aerospace suppliers and OEMs
  • Plastic part manufacturers
  • Electronic part manufacturers
The WLS qFLASH projects a random pattern on the measuring object and analyses surfaces, features and edge lines using stereo vision. Paired with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence proprietary CoreView 3D measurement suite, the WLS qFLASH is the perfect tool for a broad range of applications:
  • Sheet metal part measurement
  • Inspection of closures
  • Measurement of aluminium and metal casting
  • Inspection of plastic parts, interiors and small moulds
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As quick and bright as a FLASH.

Leading-edge technology for shop floor conditions: The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS qFLASH is immune to industrial light, machinery vibrations and temperature changes. It can be operated on a pedestal or in handheld mode. The WLS qFLASH is a smart and powerful top performer, even for restrained budgets.
  • Powerful PC platform for fast analysis and reporting
  • Compact power supply for full mobility
  • Flexible pedestal or handheld operation
  • 350 x 350 mm field of view for shorter working distance and more convenient measurement of small parts
  • CoreView software: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's intuitive dedicated White Light measurement and analysis suite
  • System fits into a single box and can be carried by one person
  • Rock solid carbon fibre optical housing
  • 3 digital cameras to ensure best 3D data results
  • Advanced Blue LED technology for reliable results
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS

qFLASH Technical Specifications

Cameras 3 x 4.2 Megapixel digital cameras designed for industrial applications.
Protected by rigid and temperature stable carbon fibre housing.
Projection & 3D Reconstruction Technology Random Pattern Projection and Rapid Shot Stereo Vision Technology.
Integrated 2D & 3D technology for fast and accurate surface and feature measurement.
Illumination Blue LED based high power illumination. Reliable and durable.
FOV Specifications Field of view (at a specified working distance): 350 X 350 mm
Depth of Field: 160 mm
Optimal Working Distance: 550 mm
Point Cloud Spacing: From 0.19 mm
Metrology Performance
VDI / VDE 2634 Part 2 System MPE according to VDI / VDE 2634 Part 2 (350 X 350 mm FOV lens, RE mode); Industry Applications
Probing Error: 0.040 mm
Spacing Error: 0.035 mm
Flatness Error: 0.035 mm
Industrial Performance Numbers stated in 2 sigma, LFOV, avg to avg. (WLS qFLASH-CMM),
external mapping is used
Plane measurement accuracy (Single tile): 0.035 mm
WLS qFLASH Point cloud accuracy (3 x 2 x 1 m size object): 0.1 mm
Operation Performance Average Optical Exposure Time (Typical settings): 20 msec
Dimensions & Weights WLS qFLASH Sensor
370 X 270 X 255 mm, 6.0 kg
WLS qFLASH Power Supply
310 X 215 X 60mm, 3 kg
Electrical compatibility Voltage: 90-230 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power: 0.7 kW - at peak consumption
Working environment conditions Operating temperature: 5 - 35°C (Limited by PC/Laptop specification. Can be
enhanced with cooling systems.)
Operating lighting conditions: Low sensitivity to industrial lighting, ambient light sources and non direct daylight.
Structure/facility vibrations: Designed for operation  in industrial environments.
Periodic system certification On site yearly calibration and certification to traceable artefacts
Computer & Software Operating System: Windows 7 64Bit OS
Computing platform: Laptop
System Software: CoreView™ by Hexagon Metrology
Certifications & standards CE / TÜV -Safety: IEC\EN 61010-1:2001 EMC: IEC\EN 61000 VDI/VDE 2634 Part 2 standard for optical measurement systems.
Traceability to NIST metrology standard artefacts ISO 9001:2000
WLS qFLASH Brochure
CoreView Software Downloads
Shop-Floor 3D Optical Measurement Systems Brochure


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