Smart Simulation Summit 2022

The Management Education Center, Michigan State University
Spojené státy, Troy
09 listopadu, 08:00 - 10 listopadu, 17:00

Are you ready to shift to zero prototypes?

Join the conversation now to discover and discuss ways to compress program times, empower siloed teams to collaborate, and work from the same engineering data to achieve targets holistically.

Vehicle manufacturers are under pressure to compress program duration, or to accomplish more within a prescribed timeframe. Rapidly evolving technology has led to the wide adoption of new subsystems. Traditional requirements of light-weighting, noise and durability are being supplemented with new performance criteria such as range (automotive) or certification (eVTOL).

Achieving drastic reductions in development times will not happen using unidirectional, waterfall processes, but rather through adopting agile methods that can shift more CAE to the left of the product development. By changing how design tools are used and how groups collaborate, and by leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate more efficient development, we can move towards digital prototyping and reduced development cycles; we can shift to zero.

This event will be a platform to share ways to revolutionize development processes through:

  • Convergence of tools, workflows, methods, and solutions
  • Interoperable, open, cloud-ready, and performance-enabled simulation technology
  • Systems thinking and cross-attributing workflows
  • Fast, yet accurate, solutions with no-compromise - AI and intelligent ROMs