Laser Tracker Systems Industrial Theodolites and Laser Stations

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's Laser Tracker product portfolio offers the most complete range of equipment and software used in the metrology field today and continuously sets new standards in 3D metrology and process control.
Enabling industrial customers, for example in the automotive and aircraft industries, to measure large components accurately to tolerances in the hundredth-millimeter range and process the data directly in their CAD systems. The product range includes laser trackers, image-processing systems, and high-precision industrial total stations, along with an up-to-date spectrum of software that can communicate with all commercial CAD products.

Leica Geosystems AG
Metrology Products
Mönchmattweg 5
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 VP Portable Products 
 General Manager, Leica Geosystems, Metrology Products. 
 Duncan Redgewell


 Commercial Support

 Nik Suter


 Customer Service

 Colin Osborne


 Customer Support

 Roland Schötzau


 Financial Controlling

 Jürg Leuenberger


 Human Resources

 Melissa Schenk
 Angelika Cholewka

 IT & Quality, Central Services

 Paul Minder


 Product Management

 Matthias Saure
 Daniel Moser
 Markus Steiner
 Rodrigo Alfaia


 Research & Development

 Veroljub Maksimovic


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