Innovative design at a discount for more efficient large-scale CMM inspection


For a limited time, Hexagon’s DELTA OPERA gantry-style coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is available at a special discounted rate. Add a DELTA OPERA to your fleet of measurement tools and benefit from a wide range of special features from this innovative product, while saving on investment requirements.
  • Easier, safer, faster loading
  • Higher inspection throughput
  • Maximum part accessibility
  • Reduced footprint and cost
  • Customisable configurations

Thanks to its pioneering half-open design concept, the DELTA OPERA is the perfect CMM for applications involving large, hard to move parts. The ground-breaking half-bridge, half-gantry structure of the DELTA OPERA means parts can be loaded from the front, rear and side of the CMM, allowing for wide flexibility in loading and programming measurements.

Find out more about the unique benefits of the DELTA OPERA system here, or take a look through our full brochure, downloadable down the page. You can also find out more in our recent blogs on the DELTA OPERA, here and here.

The DELTA OPERA Big Deal is a limited time special offer valid until end of September 2021.

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