Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Releases New Version of QUINDOS Software

QUINDOS 7.13 Adds New Support for Portable Measurement and Enhances Functionality of Application-Specific Modules

07 June 2018
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today announced the release QUINDOS 7.13, a new major version of the powerful metrology software for special geometries and the most flexible solution package for standard inspection all the way through to the powertrain field.

The new release has been extended to include the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 portable solutions in the portfolio of supported measuring systems. The integration of these systems into QUINDOS is enhanced by further optimisations within the software, which also benefit operators using the ROMER Absolute Arm for part inspection. Enhanced evaluation windows and integrated feedback screens assist users when inspecting parts at greater viewing distances. In the new release, the QUINDOS Basic package also includes a new option for portable measuring devices that support scanning.

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 can be recommended for inspecting large gears. Streamlined user interfaces for the measurement and evaluation of both unknown and known cylindrical gears guide the user quickly to the standards-compliant and PTB-certified evaluations. The QUINDOS Portable Gear package has been tailored specifically to this task and supports the user from the inspection of simple parts using the QUINDOS Basic package – with or without CAD – to known and unknown cylindrical gears. Additional features such as Leap Frog have been integrated and optimised in the latest version, helping to make the chain of measurements on a large part an easy-to-handle application.
The module flexibility of QUINDOS is also improved in this new release, with greater functionality added to a range of options. The optional double helical gear module extends the evaluation to quickly and simply include the relative axial and radial position of two helical gears, the so-called apex. The Hirth option, in which measurements and evaluations are carried out in accordance with DIN 3960-1987 / ISO 1328-2013, has been updated in QUINDOS 7.13. Continuous improvements have also been made in other gear options. For example, the new release now supports scanning with a rotary table for the topography measurement of spiral bevel gears.

QUINDOS version 7.13 also includes additional commands in the Blade Ultimate option. The functionality has been optimised and the evaluation of the profile of blade geometries has been extended to include the calculation of the centre of gravity and an intersection between a 2D curve and a circle. The Reshaper option for point cloud applications has been rebuilt according to input from application technicians. A new option tree is also included for intuitive operation.

In addition to a range of optimisations in the specialised options and a new intuitive installer, the CAD functions in the core QUINDOS Basic package have also been optimised. The visualisation of tools is now faster and more efficient and the colour representation in the weather map illustration has also been improved. A graphical report showing an overview of the characteristics in a measuring run can now be accessed with a single click.

“Once again, a multitude of relevant optimisations – drawn from customer feedback across our projects – have been integrated into this application-oriented software package to improve efficiency when solving challenges in the field of metrology,” says Karin Schneider, QUINDOS Product Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “The new release is another step forward in the field of special geometries and also demonstrates continuous improvement with newly-integrated commands for profile evaluations.”

QUINDOS 7.13 is available for download now.
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