Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Launches Benchtop Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Optiv Performance 322 Combines System Flexibility with ISO 10360 Standard-Compliant Accuracy

17 April 2018

Leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released the new Optiv Performance 322, a customisable benchtop multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that offers a small footprint and convenient upgradability to cater for a variety of applications.

Weighing 180 kg, the fixed bridge and moving table-type machine is light enough to be placed directly on existing workbenches and relocated without recalibration by a Hexagon engineer. As well as saving floorspace, the machine allows for increased accuracy and repeatability at high speed (300 mm/s) and high acceleration thanks to the stiffness of its granite construction, making it ideal for the inspection of sheet metal stampings and injection-moulded plastic parts, profile scanning, and more applications.

Equipped with PC-DMIS software, the Optiv Performance 322 is designed for flexibility and can measure a range of different parts with minimal turnaround times. The CMM is available in an entry-level vision-only configuration, while the machine’s 3D accuracy specification and future-ready pre-cabling enables easy in-field upgrades to a complete 3D multisensor solution accepting a range of contact and non-contact sensors, reducing customer requirements for multiple products in the inspection area. The system is built on a modular concept, so the sensors, controllers, PC and measuring software can easily be customised and scaled to changing requirements.

The CMM features advanced temperature compensation technology that calculates a correction value for measurement deviations to ensure users get consistently stable results. 

“It hasn’t always been easy for manufacturers to find a solution that offers both a small footprint and the ability to meet their evolving inspection needs,” says Marc Stalker, Strategic Product Manager sCMM, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “The benchtop Optiv Performance 322 not only answers those needs but drives throughput by combining excellent application flexibility with ISO 10360 standard-compliant accuracy at high acceleration.” 

The Optiv Performance 322 is available to order today in EMEA, APAC and China. Full details are available from local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence commercial operations and dealers. 

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