Apodius Delivers Dedicated Carbon-Fibre Analysis for ROMER Absolute Arm

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Announces New System for Carbon Composite Inspection Using Apodius 3D Technology

14 March 2017

Leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today launches its Composite Inspection System for the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner (SI). Based on new Apodius 3D technology, this combined hardware and software application package offers advanced inspection and analysis of lightweight carbon-fibre components at an unprecedented level of speed and detail.

The system comprises HP-C-V3D Apodius Vision Sensor camera-based scanning hardware – designed to fit simply to a ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner – combined with the custom-built Apodius Explorer 3D real-time software package. Together, these parts deliver high-definition fibre orientation and geometry measurement and complete three-dimensional model creation and analysis, allowing for actual-to-target value comparison and the capacity to detect, document and classify previously difficult to define composite production errors.

Combined with the ROMER Absolute Arm SI, which acts as a global reference system for the data collected by the sensor, the Composite Inspection System represents an unmatched solution for the inspection of carbon-fibre components.

“The experience and measurement expertise of Hexagon has allowed us to successfully develop a new dimension of flexibility for composite inspection,” said Alexander Leutner, Managing Director of Apodius. “Until now, three-dimensional digitisation has required the sensor to be robot-mounted. With the technology of the ROMER Absolute Arm we’ve been able to deliver portable hand-guided composite inspection for the first time, resulting in a much faster and more convenient digitisation process.”

“We’re really excited about this new inspection solution for composite component producers,” said Stephan Amann, Business Director for Portable Measuring Arms at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “New applications for carbon-fibre are emerging all the time. Technology like the Composite Inspection System, which brings the established strengths of the ROMER Absolute Arm range together with the sensor and software expertise of Apodius, can drive that growth even further. What we’re looking at is a collaboration that’s produced an unmatched quality assurance solution that’s exactly what the sector needs to keep growing.”

Compatible with all ROMER Absolute Arm SI models, the Composite Inspection System is available to order worldwide from today through local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence sales offices. Shipping will commence immediately.

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About Apodius

Apodius is an emerging leader in lightweight carbon composite inspection and analysis. Combining progressive sensor and integration knowledge with advanced data processing and interpretation expertise, the company delivers leading quality assurance solutions to OEMs and suppliers across every industry in which composite component production is a key concern.

With a focus on realising and integrating measurement solutions for composite production that target both process and product characteristics, Apodius also develops innovative software packages for the analysis of measurement data and supports automation concepts requiring production-integrated quality control.

In the field of advanced composite production solutions, Apodius combines the professionalism of a measurement technology market leader with the young and dynamic work culture of a pioneer. For more information, visit apodius.com.

Composite Inspection System

Advanced quality control system for composite materials designed for use with the ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner.

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