The Smart Factory: What is It and How do You Achieve It?

by Richard Law on July 11, 2018 From HxGN Global

Responsive. Agile. Connected.

The Smart Factory promises a revolutionary approach to manufacturing that could transform organisations’ productivity. But how is this achieved?

As discussed in this video, there are two primary changes required for digital transformation: new technologies and new mindsets.

With this video from HxGN TV, learn about the importance of rethinking long-held attitudes to quality, leveraging data through the digital thread, and other key considerations to breakdown silos and drive competitiveness.

On the panel: Norbert Hanke, President & CEO, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence; Stephen Graham, Vice President Marketing, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence; Brian Shepherd, Senior Vice President for Software Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. 

Richard Law

Richard Law is Global Marketing Communications Assistant at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. He has written numerous articles and blogs across a range of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Poetry from the University of East Anglia.