Fast High-Quality Gap and Flush Measurement in Every Production Step

29 June, 03:00 EDT

Measurement Systems for Handheld and Inline Gap and Flush Inspection


Hexagon’s gap and flush measurement systems are equipped with the well-known Calipri principle that prevents roll, pitch and extrapolation error. Due to the recording of the entire profile no extrapolation is required therefore highly precise and repeatable results are provided in no time for manual and automated systems.

Felix Muller

This webinar will explain how Hexagon’s advanced measurement solutions can increase the quality and bring substantial cost savings to factories by introducing smarter processes throughout all productions steps.


  • Use one technology to gap and flush across all platforms 
             - Manual and automated systems
             - From stamping to final assembly
  • Improve the quality of your vehicles or parts and increase perceived quality for customer
  • Overview of Hexagon’s gap and flush measurement solutions