Tom Galpin

Intern Production Software | UK | EMEA

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Internships are an important first step in a career, and I wanted mine to be with a technology company that would offer lots of opportunities to learn and be proactive.

When Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s production software team came to present at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, it sounded like I had found what I was looking for.

The MTC is an independent research and innovation centre where I was doing an internship following my GCSEs. Being at the MTC had made me really interested in how technology will impact manufacturing, so when I heard what Hexagon had to say about the importance of production software, I asked for an interview.

I was lucky to be offered an internship at Hexagon’s Reading office, which is Hexagon’s UK centre for production software. It meant having to relocate at the age of 18 to a city I was completely blind to, and at first it was very challenging. But I soon settled in, helped by everyone in the Hexagon team.

The other challenge was getting to grips with six different software programmes, but again I was surrounded by people who were always happy to answer my questions and it really helped me build up my technical knowledge. I’ve also been able to discover other areas of the business, including customer support and sales and learn how a big company works. 

There hasn’t been a dull moment -- the exposure you get to all areas of the business is spectacular and I would highly recommend an internship with Hexagon.