Hungkuo Su

Application Engineer | Japan | APAC

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At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence we’re not just turning up to our day job, we’re making the world a better place. We’re futureproofing for upcoming generations and making the world an all-round safer place for our friends and families to live. If the body of a car wasn’t made to the perfect specifications it wouldn’t provide suitable protection during a collision. A plane flying through the sky wouldn’t stay airborne if the wing had been made incorrectly. Hexagon is helping to improve the quality of the manufacturing industry and I get to be a part of that every day.

I joined the company in 2016 as an application engineer, working closely with coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology and I support the Smart Factory product line in our APAC region. I enjoy working in an international environment, building solutions to challenges faced across the globe as one, united team.

The company is ever changing. We are regularly acquiring new businesses that extend our product and software offering, supporting the growth of the company. No two days are the same; whether we are working on developing new technology or bringing a new product to market. Every customer we work with has different needs and it is our responsibility to bring those to life, I get regular hands on experience with Hexagon technology and work alongside my team to build the perfect solution for the task every time. 

I believe the company atmosphere is what makes Hexagon different to others in the industry. The entire organisation has eyes on the future, be that through personal career development, our advanced technology offering or the continued growth of the organisation.

Be part of tomorrow’s legacy: Be part of Hexagon.