Genevieve Kamstra

Receptionist and Support Technician | Metrology and Production Software Business Unit | UK | EMEA

Genevieve Kamstra | Receptionist and Support Technician
When I saw there was an admin role available within Hexagon’s Metrology and Production Software business unit, I jumped at the chance to take it. My interest in Hexagon stems from my background working with CAD/CAM software. I graduated with a Degree in Architectural Design in New Zealand in 2013 and during my studies was a tutor for ArchiCAD software. I left to travel abroad for a few years and settled in the UK where I pursued my interest in architecture, computer programming and design software. After some time working casually in hospitality, I was ready to get back to my career. 

I started working as a part time Receptionist in 2019 and was eager to progress further into the company in a support role, as I knew I excelled at this. After 6 short months a colleague reached out and asked if I would be interested in a position with Group Business Systems as a Support Technician, and by September of 2020 a full-time role was developed for me where I could work part time as admin and part time in GBS. 

Currently I assist the Group Business Systems team with technical support on internal software programs such as Salesforce, the Customer Portal and eSupport, and in the afternoon, I work at reception answering phone calls, logging support from customers and taking care of admin duties. 

It’s been a challenge learning new sets of terminology, from the broad range of software brands available, working with finance and accounting and with programming languages such as SQL. The team and my colleagues are what have made this so much easier because everyone is so kind, helpful and always ready to teach you something new. Without the people I have met at Hexagon I would never have been so motivated to challenge myself in an industry I had never really considered before. 

The great thing about Hexagon is that there are so many paths to build your knowledge and career, there is always motivation to learn new abilities and finesse your skills into a role that suits you best. I have only just began my journey with Hexagon but there are so many opportunities for me to explore, and I can’t wait to see where my future within the company takes me. 

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