Our Rebrand

From Hexagon Metrology to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
In 2015, Hexagon Metrology became Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

This change was not simply about having a new identity. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence represents the evolution of our brand – the culmination of a number of changes which have taken place over the last few years and the embodiment of our continuing vision to realise truly data-driven manufacturing.

As Hexagon Metrology, our core competence was dimensional metrology. But now, our customers want more. You need to work in smarter ways and are looking for partners to help you develop better products more efficiently and more cost-effectively. You need to get products to market faster and be more competitive. You want expert support to achieve productivity goals.

To meet these changing customer demands, we have developed our skillset to include expertise in new areas like statistical process control and CAD/CAM software. Although closely linked to metrology, these new capabilities take us beyond quality checking. They are about actively improving manufacturing and enabling customers to work in smarter ways. They are about driving productivity. They are about manufacturing intelligence.

This ability to inform and effect change is the key difference between the value proposition of Hexagon Metrology and the value proposition of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Our rebrand reflects our growing expertise, ability to offer integrated industrial manufacturing solutions, and ambition to continue innovating. The rebrand to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also aligns our business more closely with Hexagon’s overall strategy to offer software-centric information technology solutions that improve quality and productivity across entire industry workflows.

As Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we will continue to leverage our strengths as a world-class technology innovator and shape smart change in manufacturing. By working with our customers and responding to your needs, we will continue to evolve, grow and help you change our world.