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Innovation Partnership with Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull Racing has a 5 month window in which to develop a new car for the next season and during the season there can be up to 30,000 design changes. This leaves no room for inaccuracies and the importance of getting it right first time is paramount.

It’s not just products that make a partnership. At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, we provide a flexible and professional service. Our engineers are always at hand to provide Red Bull Racing with the support that they need, working as a fully integrated part of the Red Bull Racing’s team.

Winning a Formula One race usually involves the difference between a few thousandths of a second, in quality terms we turn this into a few microns. It’s the precision and quality provided by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence products and services that help Red Bull Racing to win Championships season after season.

This partnership has been on-going for more than five years, through continued research and development, both Red Bull Racing’s cars and our metrology products will continue to be at the cutting edge.

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