The Black Forest Here Precision is a Tradition

Приносим точность, прецизионность и контролируемость в медицинскую промышленность, где от этого зависит человеческая жизнь.

Обеспечение Соответствия И Международные Проблемы Производства

Основанная в 1927 году с целью производства алюминиевых шин (самых современных на тот момент), Zimmer Biomet является компанией по производству медицинского оборудования, занимающей второе место на ортопедическом секторе рынка в мире. Цель компании — «восстановить мобильность, уменьшить боль и улучшить качество жизни пациентов во всем мире». Как минимум, для одного инженера по качеству компании Zimmer Biomet природа продуктов компании и то, что требуется для их производства, приобретает особо чувствительный тон.


Лазерный трекер и его способность служить эталоном в задачах позиционирования повышает точность наведения протонных пучков, используемых в лучевой терапии.

Perfit Partners with WorkNC Dental from Vero Software

Perfit Dental Solutions have teamed up with CAD/CAM software heavyweight WorkNC Dental…saying it is crucial for their workflow.  

Fette Measures Tablet Press Components Automatically with Leitz PMM-F

Wide, flat countryside, gigantic wind turbines, bright redbrick houses – so characteristic of the far north of Germany. To industry experts however, the region is also associated with the manufacture of tablet presses. Fette, based in Schwarzenbek, Schleswig-Holstein, has years of experience as a master of this art. Fette tablet presses are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical and related industries. The company inspects tablet press components – such as turrets, for example – on a Leitz PMM-F. The result is increased productivity.

The Black Forest Here Precision is a Tradition

The unmistakable style of its halftimbered houses, mills, wines, and smoked ham. These are but a few of the best known traditions of the Black Forest, Germany’s “green lung” between the Rhine and Danube rivers that borders on France and Switzerland. Yet, there is another less known tradition here in this south-western part of Germany: accuracy. Already in the 18th century, the famous “Black Forest Clocks” were sold throughout Europe and all the way to Turkey. Clocks and parts, springs and gramophones – technical products that have been replaced by electronics today, but which did give to the now renewed industrial enterprises a sense for measuring and precision.

Thousands of Plastics Parts Two Measurement Systems

On entering the Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip, County Kildare we stand less than one mile away from the original (circa 1759) brewing location for the most famous of Irish exports – GUINNESS. Over 250 years later the site is now home to several hi-tech companies including the Ireland Headquarters of Hewlett-Packard (HP). Deep within the walls of the vast HP campus is the brand new MGS injection moulding facility. The moulded parts produced at MGS are used across multiple industries including consumer goods, electronics, automotive and medical, hence the need for quality assurance with co-ordinate measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology.

Watertight Records

Precision is our passion. Such is the company‘s claim. That is obvious when taken on a tour of the company. Kaizen charts everywhere. A spotlessly clean production hall. Shiny machining centres representing the state-of-the-art, as far as the eye can see. „At Hitega we work in a field of absolute precision,“ says Managing Director Michael Herre. „We have made a name for ourselves in the single and small batch part production of high-precision machined components, prototype construction, assembly and fabrication engineering mainly for the biomedical engineering, semiconductor and appliance industries.“

Медицинская промышленность

Медицинская промышленность является уникально сложным полем для производителей.

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