m&h Radio-wave Tool Setter RWT35.50

m&h RWT35.50 - the only Radio-wave Tool Setter in the market!

The Radio-wave Tool Setter RWT35.50 for vertical lathes, large milling machines and machining centers enables variable positioning of the tool setter, to fit the task at hand. Through use of a magnetic mount, the tool setter can be placed in wide range of table positions. Our patent pending system delivers highly accurate and repeatable re-positioning of the tool setter. With wireless operation and no permanently fixed hardware, use of the RWT35.50 does not restrict or interfere with the machining area in any way. Now tool measurement can be done flexibly with a single instrument, including in machines operating with alternating machining stations.

  • Determination of tool length
  • Measurement of tool radius
  • Detection of broken tools


  • Proven and safe SCS technology
  • Simple, quick & repeatable manual positioning
  • Can be shared for different machining areas or machines
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  • Highest operational reliability through transmission protocol
  • Permanent check of radio channels for interfering signals
  • Automatic blocking of channels by Self Channel Select (SCS)
  • 64 radio channels in protected frequency range, proven worldwide
  • 433 MHz transmitting frequency - internationally approved and high-penetration


  • No machine downtime due to interfering signals
  • High-penetration
  • Automatic blocking of channels by SCS technology



  • No-tools positioning with magnetic mount supported on 3 point
  • Quick mounting on optional base plate, or directly on the machine table
  • Highly repeatable mounting system


  • Can be shared between machines
  • Fast and easy remounting
  • No Calibration required after remounting
Compact design
  • Wireless, Removable, No lost machining area
  • Designed for vertical lathes, large milling and machining centers

Simple, quick & repeatable manual positioning

  • No-tools positioning with magnetic mount supported on 3 point
  • Quick mounting on optional base plate
  • Can be shared between machines

Activation / Deactivation

  • Switching on and off via radio-wave transmission
  • With 3 activation codings available, A" / B" / C", it is possible to operate up to 3 measuring systems, RWP38.41 and RWT35.50 with one receiver

Operational and process reliability

  • Highly repeatable mounting system
  • True-zero stability ensuring precise measurement with only single probings
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Proven radio technology guarantees reliable transmission and supports large working areas
  • Can measure tools as small as 0.5 mm

Sturdy and durable protected

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Measuring mechanics protected with swarf shield and chemical resistant double membrane seal
  • Measuring mechanic protected against torsional force

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • No Calibration required after remounting
  • Quick on-demand measurement of tools, in process
  • Optical status display
  • Easy-to-change standard batteries
  • Simple stylus change
  • Machine retrofit possible at any time
  • One radio-wave receiver for tool setter and probe
 Unidirectional repeatability  2 Sigma ≤ 1 μm at 100 mm/min
 Sensing directions  ± X, ±Y, -Z
 Max. stylus deflection  X/Y ±12,5°, Z -6 mm
 Trigger force  Adjustable
 Power supply  2x Batteries 3,6V type ½ AA (1200mAh)
 Battery Life Time  325h in continuous use
 Protection class  IP68: EN60529
 Temperature range  10 °C - 50°C
 Material  Stainless steel
 Weight without base plate  approx. 940 g
 Operating frequency range  433,075 - 434,650 MHz
 Number of channels  64
 Smallest tool for length measurement at probing speed 100 mm/min  Ø 0,5 mm
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