GLOBAL SF - Measurements in harsh environments

GLOBAL SF is the ideal CMM for the dimensional inspection in shop-floor environments which are typically characterised by temperature changes, vibrations and dust. Thanks to the combination of hardware and state-of-the-art software solutions, this machine model offers high class accuracy and reliability even in a temperature range of 15 to 30°C. High scanning throughput makes GLOBAL SF the most appropriate CMM to keep manufacturing processes under control.

GLOBAL SF is the ideal CMM for high-accuracy dimensional inspection in harsh environments where dust, vibration and temperature changes may affect CMM performance. Bellows and covers protect this CMM from environmental influences. By means of CTE-certified optical scales, an integrated network of temperature sensors and advanced structural temperature compensation algorithms accurate measuring results are ensured in a temperature range of 15 to 30 °C.

The machine is equipped with the ergonomic and shock-resistant Universal JogBox (UJB). It features an intuitive-to-use icon-based interface, also suitable for gloved-hand operation.

In addition, the PC-DMIS STI+ (Single Touch Interface) option allows adding simplified custom front ends to PC-DMIS. PC-DMIS STI+ can make your measuring machine as simple as a go/no go dedicated gage while still keeping the flexibility and the capabilities of a sophisticated CMM.
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  • Highest accuracy in a temperature range of 15 - 30 °C
  • High dynamics and throughput for highly efficient shop floor operations
  • Advanced structural multi-sensor temperature compensation
  • Additional bellows and machine covers for optimal protection from dust and dirt
  • Multi-probing technology supporting a wide range of applications, from point-to-point to the most demanding contact or non-contact scanning measurements
  • PC-DMIS Adaptive Scanning to reach best scanning performance by a few clicks
  • PC-DMIS STI+ optional user interface for simple operation handling
  • All-aluminium ultra-rigid frame
  • Patented TRICISION design with triangular cross section which provides optimum stiff-to-mass ratio for unquestioned precision and long-term stability
  • High-rigidity large-section Z spindle optimises the use of vertically extended tooling
  • High resolution scales with CTE certified thermal expansion coefficient
  • One-piece table construction, patented dovetail guideways are precision-machined in granite to improve accuracy and repeatability
  • Ergonomic and intuitive-to-use icon-based Universal JogBox featuring PC-DMIS interactivity for optimised workflow operations
  • Laser scanner Safety-Kit (option) to maximize unmanned system efficiency
  • No step access to working area from all sides
  • Minimum footprint for easy fit in tight spaces
  • Active vibration dampers (option)
  • Cabinet for electronics, PCs and peripherals (options)
Measuring Range (in mm)
700 700 - 1000 500 - 660
900 1200 - 1500 - 2000 800
1200 1500 - 2200 - 3000 1000
Accuracy: MPEE = from 1.4 + L/333 μm (15 - 30 °C)
GLOBAL Line Brochure
Case Study: GKN Driveline Sweden
RECARO Aircraft Seating - Germany
Case Study Voith Turbo - Manchen
Case Study VMC - Vicenza
Case Study Hansgrohe AG - Schiltach
Case Study Corvaglia - Eschlikon
Case Study Donza-Baume - Les Breuleux
Case Study Alstom - Birr
Case Study Pilkington - Turin
Case Study Zaigler Maschinenbau - Kulmbach
Case Study Funderia Condals - Manresa
Case Study - Meccanica Ponte Chiese - Brescia
Case Study - Precitrame - Switzerland


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