GLOBAL EVO - The all-round CMM designed for speed and driven by technology

Fast. Faster. Fastest. The GLOBAL EVO is the next evolution of coordinate measuring machine (CMM), designed for speed and driven by technology. Created in collaboration with the internationally-renowned industrial design house Pininfarina, GLOBAL EVO augments the proven GLOBAL CMM platform with new ideas to push the boundaries of performance.

Featuring the patent-pending Compass vibration-reduction system alongside a number of state-of-the-art technologies, GLOBAL EVO provides both speed and accuracy and offers the fastest tactile scanning performance for a CMM in its class.

Built on the solid foundation of the highly-successful GLOBAL CMM product family, GLOBAL EVO is a top-of-the-range CMM designed for speed. Optimised for tactile scanning performance and offering best-in-class throughput, GLOBAL EVO is the ideal solution for manufacturers who require higher productivity in dimensional inspection, for example in the automotive, aerospace, general mechanics and precision mechanics industries.

User experience has been part of the roadmap for the new features incorporated within GLOBAL EVO. By taking care of the smallest details and researching ergonomics, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence creates solutions that make user interactivity with the machine easier and more enjoyable. All the systems of GLOBAL EVO have been developed to offer speed and accuracy improvements without increasing operator workload. The CMM features and technologies offer user-friendly operation and clear performance benefits, saving you time, money and resources throughout the lifecycle of the machine.

The system supports a range of tactile scanning sensors including the HP-S-X5 and HP-S-X3C fixed-scanning probing heads, and the HP-S-X1H scanning sensor which can be mounted on an indexing head. A wide range of tool changers, stylus options and other accessories ensure the most suitable probing configuration whatever your application.

GLOBAL EVO is available with PC-DMIS software, the most widely-used measuring package in the world. For more specific applications such as the inspection of special or complex geometries, or challenging data evaluation, the powerful QUINDOS software with its range of specialised modules is offered as an alternative.

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Advanced vibration reduction
GLOBAL EVO's patent-pending Compass technology is an advanced vibration-reduction system which guarantees performance accuracy even during high-speed scanning. Combining hardware and firmware solutions, it enables you to maximise throughput without compromising on accuracy.

Improved unknown path scanning
Thanks to the advanced firmware algorithms of Scan Pilot, GLOBAL EVO can scan the most complex of unknown profiles. Programming and setup times are minimised and even the trickiest workpieces can be scanned quickly and accurately.

Probe movement optimisation
GLOBAL EVO's next-generation trajectory-control technology Fly2 Mode automatically optimises the route between measurement points and reduces machine idle times. As a result, the CMM glides smoothly through its movements, cutting program execution times.

Automatic power saving
Featuring Eco Mode as standard, GLOBAL EVO automatically powers down to save electricity during periods of inactivity, improving energy efficiency but keeping the machine ready to go. Operating costs are reduced with no impact on throughput or performance.

Optional messaging lights
The GLOBAL EVO messaging light option kit integrates LED alert lights into the CMM so you can check machine status at a glance, even at a distance. This means the CMM can be left to measure, allowing you to optimise time and resource management.

 Measuring Range (in mm)
 X  Y  Z
700 1000 660
 900 1200 800
 900  1500 800
 900  2000 800
 1200  1500 1000
 1200  2200 1000
 1200  3000 1000
 Accuracy MPE (E0 /E150): from 1.3 + L/333


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