Expert's Desk: From the Stationary/Vision Line

As a valued customer, we always want you to know the latest updates of what we are working on to continue to help you measure. Here are some updates on your favorite products right from the expert's desk.

TIBOX_right_warehouse_small_RGBFrom the Stationary Line 

Accurate Measurement in the Most Extreme Shop Floor Conditions

TIBOX is a customized protective enclosure for the TIGO shop-floor CMM.  TIBOX offers enhanced protection for systems operating in the harshest workshop conditions, protecting against dust, airborne pollutants, oil particles and other manufacturing environment contaminants.

Built around the machine, TIBOX provides a complete enclosure without significantly increasing machine footprint.  It is compatible with the TIGO SF’s integrated monitor and keyboard mountings. The jogbox is also conveniently located on the side of the enclosure, so machine ergonomics and user interaction are not affected by the additional level of protection.

Transparent panels allow visual checks from every direction, while openings on three sides give the user full access to the measurement volume.  Operators working in dark or variable lighting conditions will benefit from integrated workspace lighting; in addition, a message light option offers machine status monitoring from a distance.

Optiv321-leftface-hmFrom the Vision Line 

A CMM with an Identity Crisis

In a modern world, with validations and inspection criteria only becoming more apparent, why not choose a system that gives you the traceability of CAD and the enhancement of a probe. The Optiv 321, a multisensor solution from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, allows you the capabilities of a CMM in all three directions. 
Containing all the benefits of an optical comparator, a toolmakers microscope and a CMM in one, its small ergonomic footprint is the ideal solution for the company wanting it all and needing more. When coupled with PC-DMIS, existing users find that there is virtually no learning curve as the Optiv321 encompasses all the benefits of CAD programming on a 3Dimensional Vision machine. 

Calibrated light, camera and optics ensure that the results seen are no longer questionable or interpretive. This volume measurement enhanced system gives you the features for the GD&T that is needed in a modern manufacturing process.

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