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Join us as we take you on a virtual journey around the world of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

You can watch this 360 video in several different ways. If you have a Google Cardboard device then the best way to watch this video is by using the GoPro VR app.

Download the GoPro VR app and then search for MEGAROB.

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You can also view this 360 video on a compatible device using YouTube

Step inside and take a look around MEGAROB in this immersive 360° Video

MEGAROB is the development of a flexible, sustainable and automated platform for high accuracy manufacturing operations in medium and large complex components using a spherical robot, a laser tracker and an overhead crane.

It is unique in the world due to its accuracy and its capability to work with large size components.

It works on a  20 x 6 x 5m cell and its position is monitored by a Leica Absolute Tracker and corrected 1,000 times per second.

It is the result of European research project, “MEGAROB” led by AITIIP.


Step inside the MEGAROB 360 Experience

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