Bridge CMMs

Profit from increased quality and process improvement with the aid of these stationary coordinate measuring machines. CMMs in this class are appropriate for measuring tasks in nearly every industry where accuracy, repeatable results and automated measuring of dimensions is required.


The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is the first of the Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS), leveraging the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solution portfolio...

GLOBAL Performance

The GLOBAL Performance is characterised by high accuracy, up to 35% improved scanning throughput compared to the previous generation GLOBAL and multi-sensor technology.

GLOBAL Advantage

The new GLOBAL Advantage offers the best accuracy and highest dynamics of the entire GLOBAL product line.

GLOBAL Advantage HTA

Achieve 2-5x the measurement throughput via the combination of a high accuracy non-contact laser, 4 axis simultaneous motion controller and optimized data acquisition...


TIGO SF is a versatile, air-free high performance Coordinate Measuring Machine for the shop-floor. Its solid and robust structure ensures extremely accurate measurements,...

4.5.4 SF

The 4.5.4 SF coordinate measuring machine excels in tough shop-floor conditions. It draws its inspiration from over fifteen years of shop floor machine production...

7.10.7 SF

The 7.10.7 SF is a rugged and robust coordinate measuring machine designed to excel in demanding conditions. Inspired by over fifteen years of shop-floor machine production...

Leitz Reference Xe

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), such as suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry are always under pressure.

Leitz Reference HP

The high-precision Leitz Reference HP series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with a moving bridge are ideal inspection centres for complex measuring tasks. By...

Leitz Reference Xi

The Reference Xi series continues the Leitz hallmark of high accuracy scanning performance.

Leitz PMM-Xi

The Leitz PMM-Xi is a fixed bridge/moving table-type coordinate measuring machine. It combines ultra-high accuracy with outstanding speed, thus ensuring a very high...

Leitz PMM-C

The Leitz PMM-C is a fixed bridge/moving table-type coordinate measuring machine.

Leitz Infinity

For the Leitz Infinity, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence drew on the whole of their long-standing experience, optimizing the latest technical developments to create a new...