Other Cool Stuff

Other specialist, unique and interesting applications of measurement technology in industrial manufacturing and beyond

By supporting customers at every step of their process, from concept and design through to final production and assembly, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and its employees are fortunate enough to be involved in cool projects all around the world. While many are focused on the core commercial manufacturing industries, some applications of our technology go beyond the standard, and our teams enjoy rising to the challenge of shaping metrology solutions and measurement technologies for new and exciting uses.

Our technology has measured, digitised, recorded and reverse engineered cool stuff from the worlds of sport, entertainment, fashion, food, cultural heritage, education and research and many more, proving that measurement equipment really is needed everywhere.


HxGN LIVE, die jährliche Konferenz von Hexagon, bietet inspirierende Vorträge, unbegrenzte Networking-Möglichkeiten und neueste Technologien.


Andere spezielle, einmalige und spannende Anwendungen von industrieller Messtechnik in der Fertigung und darüber hinaus.