EPMC European Portable Metrology Conference

Spojené království, Coventry
14 listopadu, 09:00 dop. - 15 listopadu, 18:00 odp.

EPMC is the premier technical conference in Europe dedicated solely to the use of precision dimensional measurement technology for process improvement for manufacturers. 

The event will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in large volume and portable metrology. In particular, topics that will be covered will include:
  • Developments in metrology education
  • Automation of metrology applications in shop floor environments
  • Novel and unusual adaptations and applications of existing metrology technology
  • Developments that will lead to the future of metrology
  • Discussions of the challenges and needs of the dimension metrology community


Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Litvínovská 609/3
190 00 Praha 9 
Czech Republic

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